Workshops > 2011 Interdisciplinary Summer School: Granular Flows

2011 Interdisciplinary Summer School: Granular Flows

Recent Advances in Jamming: Anharmonicity, Geometrical Families, Basins of Attraction, and Packing Probabilities

Corey O’Hern, Yale University

  1. What is Jamming? Granular Materials, Colloids, and Other Particulate Media
  2. Frictionless Jammed Packings
  3. Isostaticity
  4. Fluctuations in the Harmonic Approximation
  5. Anharmoncity and Density of States
  6. Frictional Jammed Packings
  7. Geometrical Families as a Function of Strain
  8. Statistical Mechanics of Jammed Packings: Microstates and Edwards’ Ensemble
  9. Protocol Dependence of Packing Probabilities
  10. Packings of Nonspherical Particles
Recommended Reading:  
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