CSCAMM's Web Conferencing System

To join this webcast, you will need the current version of Adobe Flash. If you do not have this installed, you will be prompted when to install/upgrade when you login.  
You will be asked to enter your name and click "Join".  
Once in the webcast you will need to enable the audio broadcast by clicking the headphones icon in the upper left corner. listen
You may see a warning from Adobe. Click to allow. This is stating that you are joining the voice and video portion of the webcast, and that you could enable your microphone and cam. By default, you are muted and your camera is off. We can not access your camera or microphone unless you turn them on, and we are not recording this session. This system has the ability to allow two-way communication between the presenter and participants. Therefore, Adobe requires this warning. warning
To view the webcast, you will need to click the camera icon next to the Turbulence School user. Watch
If you have any questions during the sessions please enter them in the chat window.  
Click here to join the Webcast.