Schedule for Math 401, Spring 2012 (subject to changes during the course)

See the syllabus on my web page.

Homework Assignments:

    Tests and quizzes:

    Classes and Reading:

    Numerical projects assignments:

    The projects consists in writing a code (in matlab) implementing the corresponding algorithm. Students can work in small teams (up to 3 people). The language by default is Matlab so please ask me before if you want to use something else.
    There are two deadlines for each project assignment. The latest one is the date at which the project must be completed and submitted to me. The first one is the date before which students must decide on their project and the composition of their team.
    Each team has to send me an e-mail before the first date (with all members of the team in copy) indicating their choice and the composition of the team.
    The final project has to be submitted by e-mail to my address Each submission should recall in the e-mail the names of the students having worked on it and the subject chosen. To each e-mail should be attached the source code (typically a .m file) and a short report (Latex, word, pdf...). The report should describe summarily how the algorithm was implemented and the main conclusion (typically a few pages are more than enough).

    1st assignment
    Choice before March 1st, completion before March 29th. The proposed projects are
    2nd assignment
    Choice before April 12th, completion before April 27th. The proposed projects are
    Note that there is no limitation on the number of teams per project. Their level of difficulty is not exactly the same and should be taken into consideration when making the choice. If you have any question concerning the project (what you are supposed to do, which routine are you allowed to use or not...), do not hesitate to contact me.