Complete schedule for MATH/AMSC 673, Fall 2014 (subject to changes during the course)

See the syllabus on my web page.

Classes and Reading:

Midterm: Wednesday 29th at 12:00.

Final Exam:
It will be in 2 parts. First an exercise sheet distributed in class on Dec. 5th and due Dec. 12th. You can find the sheet here. And second a written exam in class on Dec. 12th at 12:00.

Projects assignments:

Students must choose a project and complete it by the assigned time. Examples of projects that may be chosen are given below. It is however possible to choose another project, please see with me if you wish to do so.
Please confirm to me your choice for the 1st project by email by Oct. 1st. The project is due by November 5th.
Please confirm your choice for the 2nd project by email by Nov. 13th. The second project is due by December  3rd.

A tentative list of possible projects follows:

For the 2nd assignment, a tentative list of projects is: