MATH 858A Special topics in analysis, Section: 0902: Long time dynamics of kinetic equations

Wednesdays 4-5pm, tenatitively in CSCAMM conference room A (4th floor of CSIC)
Jacob Bedrossian
office: 4129 CSIC

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This informal reading course will focus on the long time dynamics of kinetic equations, probably with a focus on hypocoercivity. There will probably not be too much emphasis on regularity theory unlesss there is specific interest. Specific topics will be narrowed based on the background and interests of the students, but the general plan is to consider the following:

Students may register for 1 credit if they want to just follow along with the reading and make useful comments in discussions. Students may register for 3 credits if they give a one hour presentation on a specific sub-topic or do a computational study of kinetic equations of some kind. The sub-topics will be in part determined by student areas of interest and experience but example talks are:

Tentative Schedule