Dr. Haim Nessyahu 

Haim Nessyahu submitted his Ph.D. thesis in 1994 at Tel-Aviv University and was scheduled to begin a post-doctoral position as an Assistant Professor at UCLA in Fall 1994. He died of heart failure, in April 1994, while trekking in Nepal. Haim maintained an active social life while pursuing his interests in mathematical research, traveling, books, football and philosophy. Loved by all and admired by many, Haim Nessyahu was a central figure in the lives of his friends and family.


Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University 1994
Thesis: On the convergence rate of approximate solution to nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws

M.Sc., Tel-Aviv University 1987
Thesis: Non-oscillatory second order central type schemes for systems of nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws

The Haim Nessyahu Prize in Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University, 1995-2003
Nessyahu Award ceremonies, Nessyahu Award Laureates: [Hebrew] [English]

The Haim Nessyahu Prize in Mathematics, Israel Mathematical Union, 2005-


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Haim Nessyahu, 1964-1994

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